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What our customers say

Gert GillFactory no. 7 Property

With Noova as a dedicated and proactive energy partner, we have gained insight into how we use energy, how we can utilize our premises in the best possible way. We also know what's important to monitor for optimized and sustainable energy use today and in the future.

Robert LiddardSmedvig

We want as little downtime as possible when technical errors occur. With advanced sensors from Noova we can react faster and prevent any consequences for our tenants. In addition, we are notified if the system detects abnormal consumption.

Kjetil SkaarenOEG Offshore

I never thought we could cut consumption by as much as 40 %. It was a real aha-experience to see how easy it is to make improvements with just a few steps. We thought we had a regulated ventilation system, but it had been turned on, almost on full blast, both at night and on weekends. Now, we're in control.

Ronny SigbjørnsenMcDonald's

We are a big player that makes a footprint, and we must work consciously with sustainable solutions. With Noova, we know where energy's being wasted. They also give us the tools the reduce our consumption. We've also automated several routines, and are several steps closer to fully sustainable operation.

noova_kontor (43 of 44) (1)
Following input from Noova, we reduced our energy consumption by 19 percent in 2022. It was done with relatively simple steps, but we wouldn't have been able to do it without the insights from Noova Energy.
Geir MolbergCFO i IK Norway
Noova Energy

How does our technology work?

Our advanced technology monitors and analyses your data to identify unnecessary energy consumption.

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