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Våre kunder har alle et mål om å ha bedre kontroll på sitt energiforbruk for å redusere kostnadene og øke effektiviteten.

Optimized energy usage in 44 buildings. Saves millions of kroner.

About Smedvig Eiendom
  • Real estate company. Headquarters in Stavanger

  • Manages 173,000 square meters of property with a market value of 4.5 billion kroner

  • 239 million kroner in annual rental income

The challenge
  • Wanted better energy management of 44 buildings

  • Wanted an overview of peak effects and deviations in electricity consumption

  • Wanted to reduce energy consumption in the building portfolio

The result
  • Gained insight and decision-making basis for taking sustainable and cost-saving measures

  • Reduced energy consumption by 14.8 percent (2.6 GWh)

  • Saved 2.5 million kroner in 2021


Saved 2.5 million Norwegian kroner



How do you ensure optimal energy use in 44 buildings?

Smedvig sets a new standard

«The Green Shift» must happen in every single company, and Smedvig Eiendom lead by example. With insights from Noova Energy Systems, the company has taken energy management to a new level and reduced energy consumption by 14.8 percent. With 2.6 GWh less on their meters, they save millions – and 2.5 million in 2021.


How can we reduce energy consumption and operating costs in our extensive building portfolio, without compromising the quality of our services?


This was the challenge Smedvig came to us with. The company is one of Norway's most innovative property developers and is headquartered in Stavanger.

At the time of writing, they manage 173,000 square meters of commercial property with a market value of 4.5 billion kroner. With a portfolio of 44 buildings in four locations in Norway and UK, they are a significant consumer of energy.

Complete and detailed overview

With Noova Energy, Smedvig was able to quickly identify and implement the necessary measures to achieve its goals. Technical Manager at Smedvig, Dagfinn Asbjørnsen, is clearly enthusiastic:


Noova collects the data for us and creates an overview of our entire building portfolio. They notify us of deviations, and I can log in at any time to monitor peak effects and see what we use in electricity every hour in every building.


With insights from energy data, Smedvig has acquired a solid decision-making basis for taking sustainable and cost-saving measures while also ensuring the comfort of their tenants.

And they save millions of Norwegian kroner.

noova_kontor (43 of 44) (1)
Smedvig saves electricity equivalent to the consumption of 150 family homes. This means that they're contributing to increased capacity in the grid and lower electricity prices for the general public. Smedvig sets a new standard for how property developers can contribute.
Lene Madsen SkjerahaugCustomer Success Advisor i Noova

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