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About AMKA Restaurants
  • Operates McDonald's restaurants in Rogaland and Agder. 11 in total.
  • AMKA and McDonald's have a very ambitious approach to sustainability.
The challenge
  • Wanted to take control over their energy consumption.
  • Wanted to reduce their footprint.
  • Wanted to collaborate on strategy and concrete measures to reduce consumption.
The result
  • They have cut consumption, emissions and costs.
  • Heat pumps, Distruptive Technologies sensors and ventilation system controls tells them when and where energy is used.
  • Increased customer comfort.

– Where are we wasting our energy?



Reduced emissions, increased customer comfort

When they started working with Noova Energy Systems in 2019 to focus more on energy consumption, electricity was still cheap. Ronny Sigbjørnsen, CEO of AMKA Restaurants, was nevertheless very clear in his message:

We are a major player, and we leave a footprint. It's important that we work consciously with good solutions.


Introducing the 'Big Mac Index'

Part of the journey with Noova was to launch the 'Big Mac Index', which linked energy consumption directly to McDonald's core business. By comparing sales figures with consumption, they could make the energy cost for each Big Mac produced visible, for everyone.

How much energy does a Big Mac require? Now we know the answer.

But they don't just know how much energy the food requires. They can monitor consumption in real time and correct deviations continuously.

Indoor temperature gone wrong

They also found, with the help of newly installed sensors from Noova, that the relatively new ventilation system was blowing air that was 14 degrees celsius. Into the restaurant.

It's great to cut consumption and emissions, but who wants to eat a Big Mac in such temperatures?

The rhetorical question was asked by Kjartan Kopren, regional manager at Noova. He says that access to accurate real-time data is crucial for sustainable operation.


What do we mean by "sustainable operation"?

Sustainability is not just about saving energy, it's also about seeing the potential in every corner of the business. With us as an energy partner, McDonald's has not only achieved significant energy savings, but also increased comfort for customers and employees.

McDonald's is also several steps closer to fully sustainable operation.

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Noova gives us the decision-making basis we need to make sustainable investment choices.

Ronny SigbjørnsenCEO i AMKA Restaurants

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