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Industrial companies

need predictability

Optimize and streamline

With Noova as your energy partner, you get secure data and consumption forecasts so that you can optimize and streamline. We also advise on hedging, reporting, and the flexibility market.


Energy Monitoring and Alerts

Receive alerts in case of deviations so that you have the opportunity to react quickly. This is especially useful if parts of your business need follow-up, and it reduces the risk of downtime.


Strategic Price Hedging

We hedge based on consumption profile, desired predictability, and when it may be extra profitable to hedge. Our customers have experienced great success with our hedging strategies - especially on shorter projects.


Supplier Contracts

We are the third party that helps you collect all energy-related expenses. This saves the company countless hours of administrative work and reduces the risk of overpaying.


Energy and Climate Quotas

Investments in renewable energy, such as solar or wind power, can help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels - and at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Our open APIs make it possible to visualize data related to solar energy in Noova Energy.

What are customers saying?

Gert GillFactory no. 7 Property

«With Noova as a dedicated and proactive energy partner, we have gained insight into how we use energy, how we can best utilize our premises and what is most important to monitor for optimized and sustainable energy use, today and in the future.»

Robert LiddardSmedvig

«We want to have the least possible downtime when technical problems occur. With advanced sensors from Noova, we can react faster and prevent consequences for our tenants. In addition, we are notified if the system detects abnormal consumption.»

Kjetil SkaarenOEG Offshore

«I never thought we could cut consumption by as much as 40 %. It was a real aha-experience to see how easy it is to make improvements with just a few steps. We thought we had a regulated ventilation system, but it had been turned on, almost on full blast, both at night and on weekends. Now, we're in control.»

Ronny SigbjørnsenMcDonald's

«We are a major player that makes a footprint, and we need to work consciously with sustainable solutions for the future. Noova gives us insight into where the energy loss is in the restaurants so that we have been able to reduce consumption considerably. We have also automated several routines, and we're several steps closer a completely sustainable operations.»

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