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Optimalisering av energibruk for kjedevirksomhet - Noova

Optimized energy use for your chain business

Control and complete overview of all locations

With a complete overview you can take control and reduce consumption, without compromising the quality of your products and services. Noova also assists with administration, invoicing and sustainability reporting.


Monitoring and alerting

Our system collects energy data and alerts you to deviations. This gives you the opportunity to identify areas that need improvement, and to react quickly if parts of the business need follow-up.


Energy efficiency

By using data from an energy monitoring system, you gain insight into how you can implement energy-efficient measures that reduce consumption, costs and emissions, for a more sustainable operation.


Simpler administration

A complete overview of contracts, invoices, fees and electricity support gives you predictability and reduces the time spent on administrative tasks. We'll also assist head office and store managers when needed.


Correct invoicing

We collect all invoices, notify you of deviations and help you implement improvement measures, and evaluate their effect. We ensure that you're correctly invoiced according to fees and tariffs.

What are customers saying?

Gert GillFactory no. 7 Property

«We want to have the least possible downtime when technical problems occur. With advanced sensors from Noova, we can react faster and prevent any consequences for our tenants. In addition, we are notified if the system detects abnormal consumption.»

Kjetil SkaarenOEG Offshore

"I never thought we could cut our consumption by as much as 40 %. It was a real eye-opener to see how easy it is to make improvements with just a few steps. We thought we had a regulated ventilation system, but it had been running, almost at full capacity, both at night and on weekends. Now, we have control."

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